Our Candidate Report is a hiring marketplace that connects early-career, tech sales candidates with a network of tech companies.

We source and vet graduates and career changers from diverse experiences, enabling member companies to quickly find the right, at times, unconventional talent, online and through additional services such as Interview Day.

Get time back to focus on closing top talent with a dependable source of the most qualified and diverse candidates, eager to excel in tech sales.

Save time on sourcing to focus on closing

Tap into a dependable pipeline of the most diverse and vetted talent

Gain insights into how your company can win top talent

“A recruiter’s biggest pain in sourcing SDRs is it requires a lot of time and tons of interviewing to find the best talent. LaunchSource makes it easy since all the candidates were already vetted. It saved me hours which in turn allowed me to focus on other areas of the business”

Sam Sieracki

Sr. GTM Recruiter / Talent Acquisition Lead, SinglePlatform