Our Commitment to Diversity

We believe that everyone—and we mean everyone—should have access to a brighter tomorrow.

At LaunchSource, we fully recognize that it is imperative to foster a culture of diversity and inclusion to further champion equality amongst our team, candidates, and partnering companies. Our company’s diversity and inclusion efforts are an integral strategy within our business and ultimately continue to be assessed and challenged by our employees, advisors, and community each and every day.

Our Process:

We take the time to work with each of our candidates directly—regardless of background—to best prepare them for their new career in sales.

Our Product:

With our LaunchSource Awaken platform, we allow our partners to reduce unconscious bias when building their sales teams.


It’s All Valuable: Why Your College Jobs Matter

Chris Stanley

Students often hold a variety of jobs during their four hectic years of college.  Some they hate, some they love, but all are necessary as they allow them to make some sort of income to...

Work Harder…But Also Smarter

Matt Meisenbacher

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Camille Shaw-Pigeon

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They’re Lucky to Have You – Interview with Confidence

Camille Shaw-Pigeon

“When I go on an interview, I always walk into the room knowing that this company would be lucky to have me work for them,” said an alum of my college to me recently. This...

The One Trait NOT to Have

John Harvey

As you interview for entry-level jobs, do everything you can to NOT posses this one trait. Over the coming weeks, thousands of newly-minted college graduates will enter the workforce, and those who don’t have jobs...

Kick-Start Your Career in Business – What You Didn’t Learn in College by Steven Weston | LaunchSource

Steven Weston

I always envisioned myself as either being a musician that travels around the country in an old beat up van living off chips, fast-food burgers and cheap beer or working at an innovative startup tech...

The 1 Thing – The Secret Sauce by Chris Stanley | LaunchSource

Chris Stanley

While I am not a hiring manager, I have had the opportunity to sit in on countless interviews with multiple companies for Entry-Level positions. I have found this situation to be extremely beneficial to myself,...

The 1 Thing – No Bullshit by Ross Nibur | InsightSquared

Ross Nibur

I’ve got a zero tolerance policy for lying. I just can’t stand it. Honesty is one of the first things I look for in a job prospect. The reason is simple: lying makes you a...

The 1 Thing – Know Yourself By Rachel Baizen | Acquia


One day you are attending an orientation to begin your college career and before you know it you realize it’s time to prepare for graduation and start thinking about your future. What does the future...

The 1 Thing You Should Do Before You Interview for an Entry-Level Business Position

Sasanka Atapattu

I’ve spoken with hundreds of 21-25 year olds over the past 24 months, trying to understand why so many otherwise quite talented individuals often miss important details when they interview. Oftentimes it’s just one thing...

5 Baseball Lessons that Transfered Really Well to my Career in Sales

Chris Stanley

May 11, 2013–I tied my cleats and stepped out of the dugout for the very last time. For eighteen years, my life revolved around baseball, and just like that, it was over. Flash forward to now,...