Nothing’s Perfect – 5 Tips for Every Interview

Camille Shaw-Pigeon

It’s bound to happen eventually, you finally get an invitation to come in for an interview and it just doesn’t go your way. Whether you froze up, said the wrong things, or were entirely unprepared,...

You Can Have It All: Why You Should Consider Sales as a Career

Camille Shaw-Pigeon

Think about what you want out of your first job. Is it a cool, young work environment? Or maybe room to grow and learn? How about making money, that has to be kind of important...

The College Internship that Changed My Life

Sasanka Atapattu

If you had asked me 10 years ago what I wanted to do with my life, I would have told you that I had no idea. During college, I was fascinated with marine biology and...

You Get What You Give – Three Traits To Have in sales

Camille Shaw-Pigeon

After a few years in sales, you pick things up on what sets apart the good from the great. For Mike Margolis, Senior Sales Manager at EMC, he’s found three distinct traits to be important...

3 Steps to Becoming More Coachable

Chris Stanley

One of the most important traits anyone looking to go into sales can possess is coachability.  All of the hiring managers we work with at LaunchSource include a portion that evaluates a candidate’s ability to...

It’s All Valuable: Why Your College Jobs Matter

Chris Stanley

Students often hold a variety of jobs during their four hectic years of college.  Some they hate, some they love, but all are necessary as they allow them to make some sort of income to...

Work Harder…But Also Smarter

Matt Meisenbacher

Everyone has heard the phrase, “If you want to get ahead in your career, you’ve gotta work harder than the rest.” Tom Brady, Bradley Cooper and Beyonce didn’t just become great overnight. It took days,...

Make It To The Top: Using Your Mistakes to Grow Professionally

Camille Shaw-Pigeon

Not everyone is quick to admit when they’re not good at something or they’ve made a mistake. It’s not always easy to accept failure, and often times even harder to view it as a learning...

Judging a Book by Its Cover- Resume Tips

Camille Shaw-Pigeon

It’s pretty common sense to know that in order to get a job, you typically need to have a resume. But, have you ever thought about the impact that one document can have on your...

They’re Lucky to Have You – Interview with Confidence

Camille Shaw-Pigeon

“When I go on an interview, I always walk into the room knowing that this company would be lucky to have me work for them,” said an alum of my college to me recently. This...

The One Trait NOT to Have

John Harvey

As you interview for entry-level jobs, do everything you can to NOT posses this one trait. Over the coming weeks, thousands of newly-minted college graduates will enter the workforce, and those who don’t have jobs...

Kick-Start Your Career in Business – What You Didn’t Learn in College by Steven Weston | LaunchSource

Steven Weston

I always envisioned myself as either being a musician that travels around the country in an old beat up van living off chips, fast-food burgers and cheap beer or working at an innovative startup tech...