MLK Day: Why Dr. King’s Message Is Important Today

Alex Williams

Though I’m sure many of us are looking forward to their day off from work or classes in honor of Martin Luther King Jr Day, I think it’s important to acknowledge that though we have...

Entry Level Candidates: In Office or Work from Home?

Alex Williams

Many entry-level workers are entering the workforce and may have trouble distinguishing if in office work is right for them. Of course, many people know the benefits of working from home, but there can be...

One Word: Professionalism

Alex Williams

Professionalism is a word thrown around so often in the workforce, but very seldom is it ever explained what falls under this umbrella term we love to use.  Professionalism isn’t just one or two things,...

The Minimum Requirement

Alex Williams

I think it goes without saying that being prepared for that big upcoming interview is more than just showing up in business casual, being professional, and knowing the STAR method, right? While these things along...

Do’s and Don’ts: Reneging After Accepting a Position

Alex Williams

You’ve spent copious amounts of time applying, interviewing, and convincing hiring managers how you can be an asset to their company, you’ve received an offer, accepted and now celebrating the fruits of your labor! Then...

Why Your Willingness to Relocate Needs to Be Clearer

Alex Williams

Wouldn’t it be great if that perfect role you’re looking for is just down the street? The hard truth is when starting your career, you’ll probably be faced with a decision to relocate or not...

Pronouns: What Are They and Why Are They Important?

Alex Williams

Everyone has used pronouns before, probably without even realizing the importance it holds, but what are they exactly? Gender Pronouns are the way in which a person prefers to be addressed. For example, my pronouns...

3 Non-Negotiables Interview Questions That You Should Be Prepared to Answer.

Sasanka Atapattu

I get it. It’s been a long year. You’ve either finished your senior year of college during one of the most unprecedented times in our history, or you’re looking to transition into a new role...

Meet LaunchSource’s new Diversity Equity, and Inclusion Initiative Coordinator

Alex Williams

Hello! My name is Alex Williams and I have recently joined LaunchSource as the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiative Coordinator. I am super excited to start this journey and begin working with the team.  Let...

The Mathematician & Philanthropist: Sheila Crump Johnson


Who is Sheila Crump Johnson? Our last profile selected by LaunchSource’s own Amanda Draper (who is always looking for top talent looking to start a career in sales, just send her a note if you’re...

The First Black Woman To Go To Space: Mae Jemison


Mae Jemison was born on October 17, 1956, in Decatur, Alabama, although she was raised in Chicago, IL. She studied Chemical Engineering at Stanford University and Medicine at Cornell University. Jemison has made a name...