Our Commitment to Diversity

We believe that everyone—and we mean everyone—should have access to a brighter tomorrow.

At LaunchSource, we fully recognize that it is imperative to foster a culture of diversity and inclusion to further champion equality amongst our team, candidates, and partnering companies. Our company’s diversity and inclusion efforts are an integral strategy within our business and ultimately continue to be assessed and challenged by our employees, advisors, and community each and every day.

Our Process:

We take the time to work with each of our candidates directly—regardless of background—to best prepare them for their new career in sales.

Our Product:

With our LaunchSource Awaken platform, we allow our partners to reduce unconscious bias when building their sales teams.


Building A Diverse Sales Team With LaunchSource


BLUECORE Bluecore is leader in the Multi-Channel Personalization Platform space and was founded on a unique technical insight around the importance of unifying shopper and product data into a single system to personalize in what...

The Mathematician & Philanthropist: Sheila Crump Johnson


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The First Black Woman To Go To Space: Mae Jemison


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Advancing Civil Rights at Age 6: Ruby Bridges


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Changing A Sport: Misty Copeland


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Blazing The Trail for Black Investors: Robert Smith


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Inspiring The Transgender Community: Laverne Cox


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Dr. Charles Richard Drew: African American Responsible for Blood Banking


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Kobe Bryant: Basketball Legendary


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The First African American to Serve in the U.S. Congress


Who is Hiram Rhodes Revels? Hiram Rhodes was the first African American to serve in the United States Congress. He was born on September 27, 1827, and he died on January 16, 1901. Revels served...

Madam C. J. Walker: First Black Female Millionaire


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Celebrating Black History Month

Sasanka Atapattu

Black History Month is an annual celebration of achievements by African-Americans and a time for recognizing their central role in U.S. history. Growing up in middle school I remember teachers sticking to topics around civil...