About Us

We at LaunchSource started with the mission of developing a new generation of business leaders who have interacted with thousands from diverse and unconventional backgrounds, whether recent graduates or those looking for a career change. Our leaders’ mission was to build a community dedicated to strengthening their skills and passion for sales.

Today, the shortage of qualified sales talent is impacting companies that want to grow or sustain, leaving frontline employees more crucial than ever. Today, frontline revenue generating employees are more than just a source of revenue; they serve as the bench and pipeline for a company’s organization.

In 2022, LaunchSource is supporting a new generation of job seekers and companies during a time where the world is changing for many of us.

We believe that sales is the top discipline that provides individuals with freedom, flexibility, and balance to pursue any path they choose in the future.

With an emerging generation of entrepreneurs and leaders, we aim to be the #1 source to help job seekers launch their sales careers.

For Candidates

We’re a career enablement platform and sales education community. We help early career sales professionals get in front of multiple companies at once, navigate the interview process, and grow their careers with the support of educational and community resources.

For Companies

We’re a hiring marketplace and sales education community. We help sales leaders save time and access a talent pool of qualified entry-level and early-career sales talent and empower their teams to succeed with educational and community resources.

What Our Clients Think
About LaunchSource

“We used to have to interview 20 candidates to make one hire. Launchsource was able to lower that ratio to 5 to 1!”


VP Global Sales

“LaunchSource provided access to highly-vetted talent who were passionate, professional, and a great fit for our team!”


Executive Sales Leader