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Sales is a profession that is notorious for its lack of diversity and inclusivity as sales managers often have a rigid (and usually incorrect) candidate profile of who will be successful. LaunchSource has come a long way and found a way to leverage their experience and expertise with 5+ years of data, and 300+ tech companies on hiring the best sales talent. Sales is one of the best roles for under-represented minorities to start a career.

For Candidates

We’re a career enablement platform and sales education community. We help early career sales professionals get in front of multiple companies at once, navigate the interview process, and grow their careers with the support of educational and community resources.

For Companies

We’re a hiring marketplace and sales education community. We help sales leaders save time and access a talent pool of qualified entry-level and early-career sales talent and empower their teams to succeed with educational and community resources.

The World Has Changed

We must recognize the truth; the same approach to hiring will not work to meet the needs of a true diversified company.

Sasanka D. Atapattu
CEO & Co-Founder of LaunchSource

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