Inspiring The Transgender Community: Laverne Cox

by | Mar 1, 2021

Who is Laverne Cox?

Laverne Cox was born in May 29, 1972 and raised by her single mother and grandmother in Mobile, Alabama. She is a self-confessed transgender actress, producer, and co-producer. She studied creative writing, dance, and acting. She is an African American actress known for her character as Sophia Burset in the series Orange is the New Black. She is also the executive producer of Disclosure, a Netflix documentary focused on the experiences of trans gender individuals. She is recorded in history as the first trans gender person to get an Emmy-Award nomination (Spaner, 2014). 

She is renowned as a trans gender rights activist, having played a role in the development of the trans rights movement through her “The Transgender Tipping Point” cover on the Time magazine in 2014. Coming out as a transgender in film encouraged other LGBTQ individuals to embrace their queer identity and engage actively in the media (Westcott, 2014). 

Significance of Laverne Cox to Society

She is vocal in addressing the need for respect for people as they are, taking to social media to campaign through her posts. She aims at inclusion for all humanity because the world is big enough for human beings to live together. She also encourages people to embrace their individuality, having being bullied for her non-conformity to regular gender as a child (Cox, 2017). Her story inspires minority groups, specifically African American trans women, to accept themselves despite their uniqueness. 

Laverne Cox has had a great impact on the society by advocating for LGBTQ rights, as well as trailblazing for the transgender community. As an activist, she is committed in spreading awareness, and her efforts were recognized through her various awards and honors. She played a great role in impacting the acceptance and prominence of transgender conversations in the community (Cox, 2017). She has informed the society on intersection between race and transgender. She is passionate about gender equality, and she has used her influence in the first transgender person to openly state her gender in public to encourage others to embrace their identity. 

Lessons for Early-Careers Sales Folks and Sales Leaders

Laverne Cox’s resilience in life, taking the challenges brought about by her trans gender status. Early-careers sales folks and sales leaders can learn the power of resilience from this exemplary icon, taking on challenges head on, rather than avoiding them. Additionally, leaders should understand how to use their positions of influence to advocate for the rights of the minority groups, aiming at full representation and recognition of the uniqueness of each individual. Enhancing inclusion in institutions makes the work place conducive, and clients are attracted to such an environment. Thus, inclusion is a good marketing strategy that ensures the clients feel protected while being respectable. Acceptance is an essential human need, which boosts a sense of belonging. When clients feel appreciated for what they are, it is easy to sell products to them. Leaders should understand the need to celebrate the individuality and identity of every client, regardless of the race, gender, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic background. 


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