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A frequent question we get from internal recruiters is what working with LaunchSource means for you and your job. First, let me tell you what it doesn’t mean: LaunchSource is not here to replace internal recruiters. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. We’re a software tool that will make your life easier by saving you time on hiring for the BDR role.

We’ve worked with internal recruiters at many of our client companies, and from speaking to them, we started to hear a similar story that might resonate with you too: You’re stretched too thin, trying to fill seats across multiple departments while juggling multiple stakeholders. You’ve been tasked with filling entry-level seats all the way up to department head roles. Each role has a different profile, a different timeline, a different process, and different people involved.

After five years of specializing in the BDR/SDR role, we happen to know that it’s a particularly challenging one to fill. The day to day for BDRs is a special type of grind that’s just not for everyone. It also tends to be an up or out role; BDRs either get promoted or take their careers in a different direction after 12-18 months. It’s also a particularly important role to fill, because BDRs are tasked with bringing in new business. The sales pipeline is the lifeblood of a company. Without revenue, a company cannot grow.

Due to these unique challenges, companies feel an almost constant pressure to source new BDR candidates and make sure the sales team is fully staffed. That’s where LaunchSource comes in. We speak the language of early-career sales talent. We know how to identify and prepare top candidates to succeed in this role.


It means that by working with LaunchSource, you can bring in qualified candidates for the BDR/SDR role quickly and easily, and in many cases you can skip a preliminary phone screen before sending candidates over to the hiring managers on the sales team. We know that the sales managers are often strapped for time and juggling ever-changing priorities in their own right.

It means that instead of spending time coordinating sponsored job board postings, you can take advantage of the LaunchSource brand and economies of scale to have access to the top candidates out of the 400+ applicants we’re already seeing each week. It means that instead of spending hours sifting through resumes and having phone screens with completely unqualified candidates, you can cut to the chase with candidate profiles from our talent pool. Our talent pool only includes the top 5-10% of our applicants each week.

We’ve already screened the resumes for your non-negotiables, like a college degree and a desire to start a career in sales. We’ve also given them the honest truth about what it means to be a BDR. No one makes it onto our platform without a 30 minute phone call with a member of the LaunchSource team. Candidate profiles on the LaunchSource platform include an audio sample in which you can listen to a candidate pitch you on why they want to be in sales. From there, we can connect you directly with any candidates you want to interview.


Take Jamieson, for example. Jamieson is an internal recruiter at a member company that has hired 4 BDRs from LaunchSource this year so far. As the sole internal recruiter at his company, Jamieson is tasked with filling roles across all departments and levels.

By working with LaunchSource, Jamieson has on-demand access to a pool of qualified BDR talent, whenever he needs it. It’s one less thing for him to worry about on his already full plate. He knows that a member of the LaunchSource team has already spoken to each candidate, and he’s heard each candidate explain in their own words why they’re interested in sales. He also has a pretty good idea of what they’ll sound like on the phone, a core skill required to succeed in this role.

He can send LaunchSource candidates directly to the interview process, without additional screening and without worrying if they’ll make it to a final interview round and then suddenly realize they don’t want to make cold calls.

By using LaunchSource to make it easier to hire BDRs, Jamieson can concentrate on the more complex recruiting motion involved in filling higher-level roles at the company.

We’re a true partner to recruiters. Think of LaunchSource as a tool helping you reach your headcount goals more efficiently by giving you a shortcut to the top BDR talent in Boston and New York City.

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