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Diversity and Inclusion are terms that are traditionally used interchangeably. But I think it is important for us to address the differences between them, in order for companies to effectively translate these terms to provide a better experience for all. We need to think about diversity as the “what” and inclusion as the “how.” Think of these terms as tools necessary to construct positive change. 

Much of the focus in recent years has been diversity. Diversity has been at the forefront of many business initiatives and goals, this is clear in the number of recent hires who are of different ethnicities, races, and genders. However, as those numbers increase, it is crucial that the environment in which we create embraces the different perspectives brought to the table. Simply bringing people to the table, and not offering them a seat and a voice is merely not enough, this is where inclusion factors in.

How can we create a culture that embraces this diversity and allows everyone to grow and develop? Start by reflecting on your own journey of diversity and inclusion, and take concrete steps from there. Check on your milestones, set goals, hold yourself accountable, and ask yourself questions. Then do the same for your company. This is a process, and everyone is in a different place. Diversity is what pushes inclusion forward, and inclusion leads to equality. Diversity is what we want, and Inclusion is how we do it.

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