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If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve made it past our phone screen and are preparing to build your LaunchSource profile. Congratulations!

LaunchSource works with the top sales development talent in the market and you’re part of an elite group of individuals who will be introduced to our continuously growing portfolio of rapidly growing tech companies.

Your profile consists of three parts:

  • A 60 second audio recording
  • A professional-looking headshot
  • An updated resume

The goal of this article is to break down each of these three parts and provide examples of each to help you create your best profile. Your profile is the first impression our employers will have of you, so you want to really shine!


The audio file is really the centerpiece of your LaunchSource profile. This is your chance to highlight your skills, strengths, personality, and phone skills to all of the hiring managers at our companies.

The audio file is a 60 second sound clip in which you:

  • introduce yourself
  • talk about why you’re interested in a sales career
  • share an accomplishment that you’re most proud of

This is what allows hiring managers to get to know you beyond your resume. They want to hear your story and your personality come through. You don’t want to sound overly scripted- try writing down a few bullet points and taking a couple practice rounds of what you might say before you hit record.

In your audio file, it’s important to sound confident, prepared, and excited! A huge aspect of a sales development position is talking over the phone and leaving voicemails, so use this as an example to show off your phone voice.

The clarity in your voice, your tone, and your energy all have a huge impact on how people perceive you, so make sure everything sounds the way you think best fits you. Remember, this is a company’s first impression of you.


You don’t need a professional photographer or an expensive photo shoot to create a professional looking headshot. All you actually need is a work appropriate shirt (collared shirt for men, blouse/blazer for women), a clear and neutral background, and a friend to take the photo.

Be sure to smile and that we can see your face clearly. While we’re so glad you had a great time on your vacation, employers don’t want to see pictures from your ski trip or beach day on a professional profile.

Additionally, while your friends are great and your puppy is adorable, leave them out of this photo. For some visual advice, see our examples below:

Why it’s bad: At a bar, drink in hand, other people in the photo, too dark.
Why it’s bad: At a bar, drink in hand, other people in the photo, too dark.
Why it’s bad: not centered, a bad selfie, lighting coming from behind, no smile!
Why it’s bad: not centered, a bad selfie, lighting coming from behind, no smile!
A good example!
A good example!


The most important thing when submitting a resume to any job is that it is clean, organized, and only one page. Hiring managers do not have time to sift through random experience from that one summer in high school. Instead, list your most relevant experience in chronological order from top to bottom, with the newest at the top.

Do include your education details like school, degree, and major, but there’s no need to include GPA or specific coursework.

Make sure to triple check for things like spelling and grammatical errors as well! Attention to detail is important in sales and you wouldn’t want companies to see a resume with mistakes.

If you’re looking for a resume template to get you started, look no further. Download our resume template here.

We are so excited that you’ve made it to this step of our process. This is just the beginning of an awesome career ahead of you, and we look forward to working with you as you start this journey!

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