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LaunchSource helps you get a foot in the door and build a meaningful career using human interaction and intelligent technology. We call it modern career enablement for a new generation of sales talent.

Career Seekers, Make Yourself Stand Out With LaunchSource!

We’re changing the way early-career seekers break into the innovation economy. We aren’t your grandaddy’s recruitment service. Instead, we provide you with the education, coaching, interview prep, and community connections you need to be successful in your search. We put the tools in your hands that you need for lifelong success.

We are a community of emerging leaders that’s obsessed with career growth and development. We want to be at the forefront of a new movement of remote work. 

Companies, Gain Access to Our Channel of Diverse Qualified Talent Through LaunchSource Awaken

LaunchSource Awaken is the 1st digital talent intelligence product designed for building sales teams while reducing unconscious bias. Don’t Hinder Your Ability to Hire Great Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) Sales Talent with a Limited Pool.

Intelligent Technology + Human Interaction

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Get Real Insights

With experience having worked with 300+ tech companies from startups to public technology companies we provide candidates with real-time information on what companies are looking for in today's candidates.

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We provide online educational resources and coaching to transition to a new workforce including how to work remotely. Our content is created by our community individuals that were hired through LaunchSource.

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We are at the forefront of helping companies strategically grow by selecting and inviting them to our community. Once you connect with LaunchSource, you have the opportunity to stay connected through your career.

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What are People Saying About LaunchSource?

“We used to have to interview 20 candidates to make one hire. Launchsource was able to lower that ratio to 5 to 1!”

– Tom Murdock,Director, Global Business Development

“LaunchSource provided access to highly-vetted talent who were passionate, professional, and a great fit for our team!”

– Jeff Smith, Executive Sales Leader

Successful Case Studies

Callminer Case Study

CallMiner needed to hire a new team of 9 entry level BDRs to help hit aggressive pipeline goals.

Videonor Case Study

Videonor needed to prove its sales model was sustainable as they expanded to the US.

Payfactors Case Study

Payfactors was growing fast and needed to hire more salespeople to keep up with the demand.

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