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Join the thousands of early-career professionals that have used LaunchSource Platform to gain the knowledge and skills to start a modern career in sales.

How LaunchSource Works

Step 1: Get Started & Apply

Our member companies are hiring Business Development Representatives: the entry-level role in your journey to success in sales. You can also refer a candidate!

Step 2: Speak With Us

Speak with one of our Talent Consultants, and learn more about building your LaunchSource Profile.

Step 3: Build Your Profile

Record an audio sample for your LaunchSource Profile, and make sure we have your headshot and resume.

Step 4: LaunchSource Platform

Your LaunchSource Profile goes live on our platform, where companies browse candidates and select who they’d like to interview. We connect you directly to hiring managers so you can start a formal interview process with them.

Step 5: Get Hired

You land your dream job – and we’re here every step of the way. Our Talent Consultants will work with you on interview preparation. You’ll have access to online trainings to help you ramp faster in your new role and continue to develop your skills.

Why Start A Sales Career?

  • Career Stepping Stone
  • High-Income Level
  • Master In-Demand Skill
  • Continuous Sales Development
  • Flexibility

Candidate Success Stories

David B

SDR to Senior Account Executive

David came across LaunchSource through networking, and had a leg up on other job applicants thanks to LaunchSource sales training and interview prep. He’s stayed at the company where we originally placed him for 4 years, working his way up from a BDR to an Account Executive.


SDR to Regional Account Manager

Sonny wasn’t sure what she wanted to study in college, but always enjoyed writing. She eventually chose journalism as her major. After being accept to the LaunchSource Platform she had a job offer two weeks later to start as a BDR to an Account Manager and today a Regional Account Manager.


SDR to Regional Vice President

Grace’s first job after college was as a middle school math teacher. In search of a job with more advancement opportunities, she came to a LaunchSource Interview Day. She landed a BDR job and was promoted after a year. Her career growth continued, to becoming a sales leader.


SDR to Sales Operations

Henry worked on Wall Street for a couple years after college, but it wasn’t what he wanted to do long term, so he started looking for a job in Boston. A week after coming to a LaunchSource Interview Day, he had a new job as a BDR. After succeeding in that role, he transitioned to Sales Operations where know is able to contribute more effectively by starting his career as a BDR.


SDR to Account Executive

Jacob dabbled in real estate sales and startup marketing in college, but when he graduated he came to LaunchSource to help him launch his business career. With interview prep and sales training from LaunchSource, he landed a BDR job at one of the fastest growing tech companies in the country where he gained the skills to become a top preforming Account Executive.


SDR to Customer Success Manager

Before being introduced to LaunchSource, Jamie’s first job out of college was a Customer Service Representative. After being accepted to the LaunchSource Platform, Jamie started her career as a BDR at a high-growth SaaS company that tracks and traces pharmaceuticals. After a year in the BDR role, Jamie was able to advance where she is now a Senior Customer Success Manager.


SDR to Account Executive

Alexandra had built a career in the non-profit world after college, but decided it was time for a change toward a career with more growth opportunities. She applied to LaunchSource and came to an Interview Day, where she had the chance to meet directly with the CEO of the rapidly growing startup where she would begin her sales career two weeks later. She stayed there for nearly three years, building her skills and working her way up to Account Executive.


SDR to Account Executive

Div had kicked off a career in the Supply Chain & Logistics world after college, but eventually felt data modeling wasn’t as exciting as direct customer interactions. He applied to LaunchSource, and was accepted to the Platform where he had the opportunity to interview with the CEO and founder of high-growth cyber-security company where he would begin his sales career. He started as their first Boston-based Inside Sales Rep and quickly worked his way up.


SDR to Account Executive

Jacob pursued a career in sales with a desire to learn the skills that can apply to every stage of life. After the educational tools and expertise provided by LaunchSource, he was able to interview with 5 companies and find the right company where he started his career as an SDR. In just 2 years Jacob’s been promoted twice and is now involved with the training and development of a growing team while being an individual contributor as a Senior Account Executive


SDR to SDR Manager

Joe graduated with a degree in marketing and came across LaunchSource when he started looking for a job. Joe came to a LaunchSource Interview Day and was invited back for a final round interview by the hiring company. After succeeding in the BDR role, he became a BDR Team Lead and is now the BDR Manager at his current company.


SDR to Account Executive

Kevin completed his Masters in Sports Leadership, and started his career as a Retail Merchandiser and after spending time in Ticket Operations was looking to transition a sales career. After landing his initial SDR role he rapidly progressed into a closing role where he sourced and closes larger enterprise deals for a Boston-based tech company.


SDR to Enterprise SDR

Liam started out his sales career in the automotive industry selling Porsche’s. He wanted to switch to a sales career with more advancement opportunities and was recommended to LaunchSource. After landing his initial SDR role reaching out to emerging companies, he is now on the enterprise team as a Senior SDR.


SDR to Account Executive

Davas completed his degree in Finance, but decided that he wanted to build a career. He found LaunchSource which provided him access to the education of tech sales. After being excepted to the LaunchSource Platform, Davas received three job offers immediately, started working as a BDR where he was able to build the skills to secure a closing sales role for an emerging information security unit. Today, Davas is working as a top preforming Account Executive for one of the top global security companies


SDR to Head of Account Management

Frank graduated from St. Lawrence University with a degree in Mathematics before moving to Boston. He found LaunchSource, who equipped him with the knowledge, support, and expertise to begin his career path in sales. He joined a cybersecurity company as a BDR, moving into an Account Management role within 2 months. After 7 months as an AM, he was promoted to the Head of Account Management, managing 10 local AM’s.


SDR to Demand Generation Lead

Max graduated with a degree in marketing and finance and held various jobs in the B2C finance industry after college. He wanted to get into the SaaS space but was having trouble translating his skills on his resume and in interviews. He applied to LaunchSource, was accepted onto the platform and proved to a number of companies that he was more than a resume. After almost two years he works in a hybrid role of Sales Operations and Demand Generation.


SDR to Account Executive

Mike worked in public accounting for Deloitte in Philadelphia after graduating from UMass Amherst. LaunchSource was an incredible resource for the transition into a new city and a new industry. After interviewing with a cybersecurity company through LaunchSource, Mike was able to secure a BDR job before moving to Boston and through time rapidly grew to a an Account Executive where he was able to hone in on his passion of working in modern sales



After spending 3+ years as a behavioral therapist, and having a passion for psychology he was looking for a place where he could make an impact while making money. While making the transition was challenging, Ndu was able to gain the preparation and skills to be introduced to 4 companies where he finally secured an offer at one of LaunchSource’s Newest Member companies, the 14th largest software company in the world.


SDR to Account Executive

Oscar came across LaunchSource through the reference of an alumni. He had been leading server teams for a top restaurant group for a couple of years before making the jump into technology sales. Not only did LaunchSource get Oscar an interview at one of the top startups in New York City but they also trained and prepared him for his career in technology sales. After a year, he worked his way up to Account Executive and is still there today.

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